Thursday, 13 March 2014

Winds of Change Part 1

The path of the old as been calling to me for as long as I can remember. When I was a small child I was searching for acceptance, faith and love.
Mine was not a happy childhood and growing up was a struggle. I did not even think I would reach to be 18.  ( I am now 51 and will be 52 in October)  For all the horror and abuse that I suffered, I believed their must be something more.
I went to Sunday school it was all hell and fire and brimstone. ( I was convinced that I would be going to hell)  But I loved the stories of Jesus helping others and hoped he would help me. I think believing in this helped me in some way, it helped me to get through the bad days.  I spent a lot of my life time going and searching in different churches to be accepted. In the end I realised it was not for me. I did not fit in. I was different.

Even as a small child I could sense the change in the people around me, I knew when it was time to go and hide and wait until the pent up emotions that I could sense in people  had change and new it would be ok for me to come out of hiding.

Going on a journey to an area that I had never been before, I was describing what was just around the next corner. I got told off and never mentioned it again.

When I was a teenager in the newspaper that you could cut out and paste on to card was a deck of cards. This was my first introduction to the tarot.

I gave readings to my mum and my sisters friends. I made a connection with the cards and the person I was reading for. I actually scared one of my sisters friends with all the things that I was telling her. It did all came true. It was not what she was expecting. Today my sister friends reads the tarot cards herself.

In life you have good and bad experiences with people that you meet this is what shapes us. ( Even if we dont really know it or feel it at the time that you are going through)

Has I mentioned before I have spent a lot of my life going back and forwards to church. I did this again when I had my son. I am a single parent and have bought my son up on my own.

In the paper there was a company called Sweet Breeze where you sell aromatherapy. I loved this and went a long to the meeting and bought my kit and held a party. My friend from the church came to it.
My friend mentioned it to the church and told me that it was wrong that I should not be doing it. So I gave it up. ( I was very different back then, now I am stronger and stick up for myself more)

Blessings and love

To Be Continued ......


  1. (((Misty/Nicky)))

    Yea to you being back on your blog! Love the new name - and have added your blog to my fave blog lists on my blog-page! There is nothing wrong with being different sweetie - all of us, on this path, seem to be unique in one way or another :) people just don't always *like* different. I am glad you found this path - I know it has helped many people with childhoods that were...very much less than ideal. I am also glad I got to know you through this path too *smiles* I look forward to reading the next part xxx

  2. Phoenix hun thank you so much for your lovely comment :) I am so pleased and honoured to meet you and walk with you along the path. Thank you for your encouragement and commenting on my blog. xxx